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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Professional" Cycling

Where to begin... as fans well know, the past few weeks of Pro-Cycling headlines have been dominated by everything (and almost anything) but actual racing action.

1. Bert's ban/Bert's *un* ban (de-ban?)
2. Matt White/Trent Lowe
3. Ummm, Floyd retires
4. Floyd, "J'accuse!"
5. UCI shenanigans: pay to play stickers, radios, Pat McQuaid's pub band, "the Cronies"
6. Underwhelming TdU
7. Sastre/Menchov out of Tour
8. Is it delivery? No, it's Di Luca...Vino, Vidi, Vici, Sella, and so on.
9. ASO vs. UCI
10. J. Fuglsang and A.Schleck are now neighbors! (two wild and crazy guys)
11. Ricco takes idolization of Pantani too literally
12. Lance retires (again)
13. Spanish Cycling Federation (Bert's fan club)
14. Grand Juries
15. And whatever's happened since I started typing away...

It's enough to make a fan all go all "Cat Deeley" on the sport's rowdy ass

I'm exhausted...

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