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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Breaking News: 2011 WorldTour Kit Alert

Innerwebs, Anywhere, the World:

Garmin-Cervelo's website crashed today after the entire UK mistakenly linked to its website in the hopes of finding British Sky Television's New Year's marathon broadcast of the entire EastEnders catalogue:

As of this post a cause for the misdirection has yet to be posited by the numerous reputable websites and investigative Twitterazzi that have commented on the confusion, as seen here and here:

2011 Garmin-Cervelo Kit
2010 Team Sky Kit

Through the use of hypothetical and imaginary contacts in the cycling world I've surmised that British Sky Television has planted a graphic-design intern (posing as a Sommelier) inside the vaunted Vaughters' wine-cellar for the purpose of obscuring Bradley Wiggins' team affiliation.

                                                                     Bradley Wiggins

This ironic obfuscation is for the sole purpose of easing Mr. Wiggins remorse for having left Garmin in the first place (thereby allowing him to subconsciously think he is once again among his old team-mates when in the peloton) and allowing him that psychologically perfect place to go for the podium in the 2011 Tour de France (no stone is left unturned by Team Sky's Dr. Steve Peters).  As seen in the sublimely observant ELCYCLISTA's post I'm not the first to notice the similarities:

                                                                 from ELCYCLISTA 11/29/10

Stay tuned for reports of  this
becoming Team Sky's new bus!

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