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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The "conversation"

We've all heard it, or have been sucked into it. . .the random conversation with a fellow traveller while out on a ride, and it always goes something like this:

(mid-afternoon: it's raining and 45 degrees, with an Arctic wind)

rider A:"Beautiful day for a ride."
rider B:"Yeah, sure is. I got off to a late start though. I've only been out for 41/2 hours."
A:"I know what you mean. I had to hand-auger twenty fencepost holes this morning after babysitting the octuplets. I'll be lucky to get over to the coast and back. . .again."
B:"No shit. At least all you have to do is babysit. My kids are always getting into trouble when I'm carrying the re-bar for the velodrome I'm building around my house. I could only manage 200 bags of quickcrete today!"

(turning into a vicious headwind)

A(while up shifting):"Thank goodness I'm only building my base now. I gotta stay in my my zone numero two-oh. I haven't ridden in six weeks."
B(shaking head, getting out of the saddle):"What are zones?"
A:"Good one."
B:"Seriously, nothing like a nice easy 200k to break the legs in. Since my back surgery I've had to take it easy."
B:"GLASS! wait, no, POTHOLE!"
B:"Back at cha'"
A:"Thank goodness I brought Duct tape today. After that school bus clipped me, I didn't know what to do with two broken collar bones. What are you training for?"
B:"Oh I don't race (big ringing it)"
A:"Me neither (sprinting), it's all about the. . .ri. . . .de. . ."
B:"Ex. . .ach, ach, ach. . .t. . ly. . ."
A:"Damn lights."
B:"I curse this intersection."
A:"I was just getting into a rhythm."
B:"I can't afford a ticket though."
A:"We gotta wait."
B:"What's your name?"
A:"Ferdi Juliper. Yours?"
B:"Felice Ghirotto."

(third rider approaches)

C:"Nice day for a ride, eh?"
A/B:"Sorry/What's that?"
C:"Green light." (third rider sprints off and rapidly fades into distance.) "Ciao."
A:"Probably in a hurry for his fattacinno."
B:"Fenders; like its wet today."
B:"Well I gotta run if I'm going to get my hill-repeats in."
A:"Yeah, me too or I'll only get a couple of hours of motor pacing in tonight."
A:"2 my momma!"

(if it's sunny and warm: mid-afternoon)

A:"This is why we do it."
B:"What it is all about."
A:"Where ya headed?"
B:"Oh, I'm headed home"
A:"Me too. It was a little chilly when the sun came up but it's warmed up nicely."
B:"Yeah just a tad crisp. Where's Home?"
A:"Paso Robles. You?"
B:"Santa Rosa. Enjoy the tail-wind."
A:"Tailwind is earned at 45."
B:"That's what my youngest says. Have a great ride."

(both riders make a u-turn in opposite directions)


  1. Oh man, this one was great, I laughed out loud. Totally true!

    (PS: I did indeed make it to SF and demolish a burger and several ales!)

  2. I hear Guinness is good for over-training induced anemia.